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What on Earth is going on in this State and Country? Are our politicians, both State and Federal, so absorbed with their rorts and pork-barrelling and pathetically useless that they can’t see what is happening under their noses? Let’s forget about the Watermelons [green on the outside and red on the inside=Greens], nobody with half a brain takes them seriously.

In Victoria, we have low-life thugs running riot and getting sent back onto the street as soon as they are apprehended. Our pathetic Premier throwing away $1.1Bn of our taxes because “the contract wasn’t worth the paper it was written on”. The vast majority of Infrastructure projects running over budget to placate his union mates and the possibility of power black-outs due to Daniel/Dan’s 300% hike in coal royalties hastening the closure of Hazelwood. Oh, and is Matthew Guy having a well earned break? From What?

On the Federal side, only the important issues are being debated by our “honourable”[what a joke] representatives: same-sex marriage, Aboriginal recognition, signing us up to the economy destroying Paris Accord and becoming a Republic. Forget about Budget deficits, Immigration levels swamping social cohesion and infrastructure and Rampant soaring energy bills. And don’t get me started that {believe it or not} they are actually elected to represent their Electorates and/or States, not the shrill social agitators screaming the loudest.

At the A.R.P., we actually care about what is happening to our State and Country. We may not be a powerful force, but we continually reach out to let others know that there are people in this country who do give a damn. If you read any article here that you agree with: forward it to your friends and acquaintances. Print it out and hand it around or, heaven forbid, even snail mail it. 

It is only the ordinary people who can fix the rot in this country. Don’t be lazy and say “it’s all too hard” or “it’s not my problem”.

 It is your problem, or you are the problem.

Col Drury.




Disclaimer:  The following article does not claim to be a statement of fact, merely the writer’s personal opinion as I see it. Some exceptions apply.                                                                                                                                                                                                        CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM.                                                                                                                              Yep. That’s what it’s called folks. Not the AVERAGE CITIZEN JUSTICE SYSTEM. Between Rob Hulls and Christine Nixon and their camp followers, Victoria has been reduced to the laughing stock of the nation.                                                                                                                        The touchy-feely, social engineering do-gooders in the legal industry (I refuse to call them a judiciary}, that were appointed by Hulls as magistrates and judges and now appear to be self-propagating, are so out of touch with society that is now a joke. If you had a “troubled childhood”, “came from a war torn background”, have a “mental illness” or were on drugs when you committed a crime, then Diddums, we’ll slap you on the wrist with a limp lettuce leaf. BUGGER YOUR VICTIMS.                                   It may come as surprise to these socialists, but none of the above four excuses means you HAVE to commit crime. The vast majority do not. They actually know right from wrong and take responsibility for their own actions.                                                                                                  With sentencing precedents, you already have maximums set by a Government to reflect the will of the people. How about setting some new precedents and start upping the punishment, instead of continually lowering the bar? Now that would be a precedent..                                                     As for VIC POL . Whatever happened to FORCE? I pity the officers on the beat with one hand tied behind their backs, hamstrung by a police command that will not let them use the powers they are entitled to . Perhaps if the BODGIE SQUAD started up again, it might show police command how to actually restore         law and order in the state. Bugger the civil liberties of the low-life scum, they forfeited any rights they had.                                                                                      Have a safe day in our wonderful lawless state.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Col Drury 3/1/18.                                                         

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